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I pay $2-$10 for original contents. An intending writer should “read this article” before submitting your CV to [email protected] (via email). Meanwhile, if you have never publish on WordPress, as long as you know how to use MS Word, read this.

The most welcoming categories right now are; Financial tips, health & fitness tips, Do-It-Yourself, TechCareer & Jobs, ReviewsFashion & Style, Politics, ListsAdventure… categories expand based on Publishers’ requests. Minimum Qualification is your skill and ability to learn. I empower skills, not credentials.


You can order for quality, screened content, with at least GOOD pass for SEO readability. I charge $3-$11 per article. There is option for special quotes.

All articles are manually checked for plagiarism and readability and also reformatted for SEO signal. Hence, you won’t be getting duplicate or low quality content from this platform.

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